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document: 'icon-files:twitter8bit/Twitter8bit.zip' imagemain: 'imageid:483/preview.png' pixeldimensions: 458x384 description: 'A simple Twitter 8-bit.' additionalinfo: '' licenseinfo: 'Free to use' choose: '6' chooselayers: '2' chooseps: '1'
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Just created yet another huge icon set called the Responsive Icon Set . It's now available for sale on Creative Market The Responsive Icon Set includes the following: 156 pixel perfect icons in total .svg files .png files in 4 sizes, 24x24, 48x48, 96x96, and 192x192 pixels .psd files Everything is entirely vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. Purchase it Here
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about: = View the Live Demo\n\nHere are 8 full CSS3 Loading Animations that you can use in place of .gif and .svg animations (SVG's SMIL animations will be removed soon according to Google and other browsers).\n\nI usually try to design/code stuff that's unique, so every animation uses only 1 div element per animation. Each div also uses the ::before and ::after pseudo class selectors in order to...
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