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I was speaking at a jail one evening, and during a break, a young man in an orange jumpsuit told me, “Bubba, I didn’t want to go to jail for doing the stuff I didn’t want to be doing in the first place.”

As a recovering alcoholic and opiate addict, I understood all too well what he meant. Doing things that deep down inside, you don’t want to be doing is painful. Our addictions don’t care about us. Our addictions take on the voice of a liar, promising, “Hey, you’re doing great. Just keep going”. Our addictions are killing us. First, they will take from us everything we love. I know what it is to make promises to myself and to my loved ones that I couldn’t keep. Promises such as “This is the last one” or “Tonight is the last time” become hollow. The words, “I’m sorry” or “It won’t happen again,” lose their meaning.

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