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My name is Michael. I have been working as an academic writer at for two years, and I find my work great. In this position, I can combine both my hobbies - writing and research. I got a degree in journalism two years ago at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and am happy to have found a job that allows him to use the skills he gained at school. For me, the best tasks are research papers, which include an in-depth study of the topic and collecting evidence from various sources. During his work at, he wrote 10 dissertations, 4 dissertations, 23 research papers and 32 essays. I believe that I am equally good at writing complex tasks, which include analyzing a huge number of sources and completing at least a few days, as well as ordinary articles that are written in just a few hours. I am one of the fastest authors of our company. My typing skills amaze his colleagues because the average writing speed is 70 words per minute. This superpower and strong analytical skills make me one of the most effective authors on the team.

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