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Blue Elephant Massage is an ATMC–certified massage centre in Merrylands. We offer a wide range of massage services such as relaxing, Swedish, hot oil, deep tissue, Thai and hot stone massage services.
Our Services
o Relaxing Massage: We offer one of the best relaxing massage services in Merrylands, Parramatta. The relaxing massage in Merrylands helps to soothe the minds and relieve tension and stress. It also helps in eliminating toxins from the body and boosting the blood circulation.
o Swedish Massage: We even offer the best Swedish massage services in Merrylands Parramatta. It helps in relaxing the body. The massage therapist makes use of a unique technique of gliding strokes to rub the muscles in the direction of flow of blood to an individual’s heart.
o Hot Oil Massage: For the proper nourishment and growth of hair, our ‘hot oil massage’ service at Blue Elephant Massage centre is fruitful.
o Female and Male Massage Service: We offer both male and female massage service at our Merrylands massage centre. From a wide array of massage services such as deep tissue massage in Parramatta to the hot stone massage for both female and male clients can choose their type of massage they desire.
o Thai Massage: We offer one of the best Thai massage services in Parramatta. Our team of adept massage therapists offers top-grade quality Thai massage Merrylands. An effective technique of Thai massage Parramatta helps to relieve the joint pain, muscle ache and balance the energy system of the body.
What Makes Blue Elephant Massage Centre Popular?
o Skilled Therapists: We have a team of well-trained and experienced massage therapists who know all the techniques of effective relaxation Thai massage Parramatta.
o State-Of-The-Art Facilities: Our Thai massage spa Merrylands has newfangled facilities and well-equipped luxurious rooms.
o A Wide Range of Services: We offer a comprehensive range of massage services to relieve stress and cure various types of body aches.
Thus for a rejuvenating massage for soothing your muscles and nerves, call us at (02)88729051. We are looking forward to giving you a refreshing massage. Contact us at your earliest.

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