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My name is Sebastian Melchor Hedman and I'm a Swedish Graphic Designer, currently living and working in Sydney, Australia.

As a child I was always drawing, creating or breaking things, whether it was building a twin-boom airplane out of lego or disassembling everything that had screws on it just to see what was inside, I had a project to do.

One day when I was still in elementary school my dad showed me Photoshop, back then I didn't understand much of it.
A few years later he got me my first graphics tablet.

Today I know Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite like the back of my hand and I've grown to love colors, shapes, pixels and bézier curves as much as I love cold pizza on a sunday morning.

I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious - As Albert Einstein once said.
Curious of how to visually communicate an idea effectively and beautifully.

I've worked with clients from the Uk to Fiji and while I do everything - print and digital, I'm especially fond of creating logos and visual identities.

So if there's anything you need, I'm here to push your pixels.


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