Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the IconDeposit's Blog! I (Matt Gentile) am the creator of IconDeposit.com and will be blogging about Everything from designs, inspirations, and artwork to complete tutorials about CSS, CSS3, JQuery, HTML, Javascript, cool trick's with Wikidot's Syntax and much more!

We will be featuring this icon set created and designed by myself as one of our main icon sets, This specific Icon set will be available for free and commercial use some time at the end of the week…


Lets also have another look at the new home page that features a pure CSS3 Animation, and I will be creating tutorials for this and more wonderful CSS3 Animations…Check it out!

Since this site is not ready yet, this blog post will end here with a fantastic example of some more CSS3 Animations, with a tutorial! It is a site that one of our developers(bcammo) created that features CSS3 tutorials and more! Animated page entry with CSS3

30 Jan 2011 08:50

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Here at the Icon Deposit, we give you the opportunity to post your icons, designs, codes, and screenshots to promote your work and gain new clients. We feature hundreds of free icons, icon sets, UI/UX design, illustrator graphics, vector art, code tutorials for CSS, CSS3, JQuery, photoshop tutorials and tons more. If you would like a custom design or website built, Contact Us.

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