First Look at "Icon Deposit Themes" and the New "Creative" Wikidot CSS Theme

First Look at "Icon Deposit Themes" and the New "Creative" Wikidot CSS Theme

I've been developing a Wikidot App called "Icon Deposit Themes" where you can upload and create anything from a Wordpress Theme to a Wikidot CSS Theme, the Application will be released shortly in Beta Mode for Facebook Users, Icondeposit Members, and Wikidot Users. For the 1st Beta version of this App, once you create your page, you will be able to edit and create your CSS theme by filling out a simple page data form with a unique Wikidot live category template to create the theme for you. All you need to do once the form is complete is click the "save" button, you will then see your new CSS theme complete in our own Wikidot Theme Preview mode. The First Beta Mode will just be for editing and creating Wikidot CSS Themes, but don't worry, in Beta 2 you will be able to upload anything Wordpress themes to Wikidot CSS themes.

In the process of creating "Icon Deposit Themes", here is the First Look of my new Wikidot CSS Theme "Creative". The following teaser video screencast that I took shows how the "New Message Notification" looks when you have a new private message and the page loads or refreshes (Pure CSS3 -webkit- animation and -moz-animation). It also show's for a brief moment how the Creative Logo looks when it's hovered over. Take a look:

Expect the new "Creative" Wikidot CSS theme to arrive some time next week with tons and tons of Unique features. Keep in mind that the video above was filmed while I was using the Google Chrome Browser. This theme is going to look fantastic in Google Chrome, but still works in all browsers at the same time, it will be availabe for all Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera Browsers, but like I said, it looks great in Google Chrome.

04 Oct 2011 04:09

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