Newest Icon Deposit Features

Newest Icon Deposit Features


Today was a fantastic day, I finally implemented the long awaited image color palette grabber. Every time you upload your work or images to the Icon Deposit, a color palette is automatically created from the image that was just uploaded. With some unique Javascript software you can now automatically see the "Most Dominant Color" and a full "Color Palette" of the most used colors from your image!

If you are using Google Chrome, hover over one of the colors picked out of your image in the color palette below the image. As you are hovering over that specific color, "Right Click" the color. Then choose "Inspect Element", you can also see the CSS "Hex Number" of that color which was automatically grabbed out of your image!

I Hope everyone likes the new feature! Comments and Feedback are always welcome :)

Here are some extra image previews:

18 Dec 2011 10:14

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